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Rythmn of Light - Light as reminder of Life

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Design Concept

The memorial is inspired from Thiru H.VasanthaKumar's "Velicham", a motivational program for school and college students that focused on managing daily life challenges, opportunities and time efficiently to move forward and achieve goals.  

Velicham in Tamil means 'Light' one of the eternal sources of life. It can also be interpreted as brightness which Thiru Vasantha Kumar wished to be surrounded with all the time. The memorial intends to create a space that will be a permanent reminder of the life that he lived and will continue to live through the recurring light rhythms that are visible evidence of a larger life.

Rythmn of Light

West to east, South to North the light streak filters through the chamber of darkness across the day and the year, syncing with the mundane rhythm of nature. The sun sets to rise again. A new ray with a different path and varying intensities of brightness. It is a different yet beautiful journey. Every recurrence reminds us of his presence through which he continues to spread his brightness.

Design layers:

The Memorial reflects the planning principals derived from that of a temple- The central sacred space (The Samadhi) and the walkway around (The Gallery narrating his milestones and journey).  

The Design focusses on the way light can enliven the dark Samadhi chamber metaphorically bringing his presence back. The narrow-slit opening in the centre of the roof along the east west axis allows the linear streak of light to brighten the entire samadi chamber (The Hall Of Rememberance)  

The sound of water that flows into this space through a spout makes it a sensorial experience thats reflective and meditative.

The light streak and the water stream continue to the exterior blending in harmony with the life outside.

Light Inside the Memorial through the day
Memorial - Schematic Plans & Sections
View Upon Approach

Master Plan

View From Mandapam

The construction methodology:

A remote location and the short timeline for execution drove the design and the construction methodology. The entire structure was made with precast concrete panels that could be easily erected at site. All the building components such as roofs, walls, Columns, water troughs and Jalli were manufactured in the factory and assembled at site in short span of 90 days.  

Construction Methodology


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