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At Webe, we encourage collective learning through our collaborations in the architecture, urban and allied fields. These collaborations stem from recognizing the community that share the same collective values as us. We strongly believe that ideas shared, discussed and explored have power to make significant changes within communities progressing towards a common future. We aspire to create a platform for sharing, collaboration and
co-creation with our assorted initiatives.
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Urban Gray Matter

is an initiative by WEBE and organization of Prithvi Mahadevan.

The Intent and Vision of URBAN GRAY MATTER is to enable a process of people building cities through a process of awareness and engagement at the micro and macro level.

01 | Urban ecology
– It is a macro based study that would entail urban governance through under standing the relationship between ecology of the city and the city itself. The main tangible study components will include ‘Blue - Green - Grey’ infrastructure study and analysis and their influence in the functions of the city.        

02 | People and city
– It is a macro-micro study and analysis of urban governance through understanding the inter-relationships between people and the way they use their space in the city. The study will be taking a stand on basic fundamental  rights such as right to life, spatial justice, informal vs formal city and similar topics.   
03 | Think social - It is a micro based study where urban governance is seen through a lens of       describing the relationship of people and how they use their space. This vertical will deal only and only with interventions that illustrate the interactions of people and the city, working in a defined boundary.          

04 | Critical Mass – This vertical will work with surreal alternate scenarios of the future and the past in the format of info graphics and posters. This vertical will be the major vertical where we can explore the option of exhibitions and publications.  

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The Soapbox

The “SOAPBOX” is a platform for an impromptu  sharing of knowledge, application and communication through art, craft, culture and all vivacious meetups.

While WEBE, through their work is strengthening co-creation, co-existence with design, The SOAPBOX will be an endeavor to encourage other creators and enthusiasts ‘to share’, ‘to collaborate’, ’to refine’, ‘to infuse’ new ideas and design thinking.

Even you can be an initiator!

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