We are a Collective of Architects and Designers with a Multi-Disciplinary Approach.

WeBe Design Lab is a multidisciplinary collective, based from Chennai and Coimbatore with a diverse group of architects, designers and researchers co-existing and co-creating while sharing common values.We strive for possibilities and a belief in the greater good which invariably influences our projects and their outcomes. We believe in collective leadership and function as a unit that in still integrity and accountability in each of us.

WeBe Design Lab creates a diverse, dynamic and a distinct work ecosystem as a part of the WeBe collective. Over the years we have gathered some essential and enriching bonds through this ecosystem that has created some exquisite experiences. We believe ingrowing with our team and each and every member is appreciated and acknowledged for our growth.
10 Years of Expert Practice in Integrated Architecture & Design Services



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Malli Saravanan is an architect by profession, a Design Entrepreneur and organisational enthusiast at heart. He is a Founding partner in the architecture firm WeBe Design Lab where he dedicates his time in architecture design, interior design and management. He has distinguished skills in organisation and team building, computational design and entrepreneurship which reflects on his outcomes as a designer. He has worked extensively and specializes in residential, retail, workspaces and educational building typologies through WeBe Design Lab. His main goal for the firm is to uplift and enhance the quality of life for his clients through designing tactful and qualitative spaces.

Malli Saravanan

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Madhumitha is an Architect and Lifestyle Accessory Designer with myriad interests, insight to identify opportunities and provide fresh solutions. She is a founding partner in the architecture firm WeBe Design Lab where she specialises in designing lifestyle systems in relation to space, accessories and objects. She believes in reconnecting to natural forms of living that has been lost over time to create simple and adaptable interventions that enable pleasurable coexistence possible. Through WeBe she wishes to revolutionize everyday life with innovations that bring intended change. She wishes to build a collective that is trustworthy, dependable where sharing, learning and seeking is key.


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Padmakshi Srivathsan is an architect and an enthusiastic entrepreneur paving pathways for the firm. At WeBe she wears various hats with focus on innovating and building a sustainable and future proof “glocal” organization. She believes in the holistic dynamics of a design firm and is excited about solving every problem both as an entrepreneur and as a designer. She is a proud mother, an avid reader and a passionate trained dancer.


Sathish Vasanth Kumar

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Udhayarajan is an architect by profession and is passionate about sustainability and urban community and ecosystems. He is a founding partner in the architecture firm WeBe Design Lab where he dedicates his time in research and design in the urban context rooted in the realm of governance. He believes in building an institution that brings sustainable well being through his work in WeBe. His expertise lies in community based design where nature, culture and built comes together. He is a proponent to context based designs that are strongly rooted in the site and its context predominantly its people.


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Yogesh Chandrahasan is an architect by profession, a landscape enthusiast at heart and an inherent prudent designer. He is a founding partner in the architecture firm WeBe Design Lab where he dedicates his time in architectural design, interior design, landscape design and product design. He likes to explore the human connection to spaces which in turn establishes the relationship between program, space, time and users. He envisions to create spaces that are empathetic, inclusive and communitarian enriching the experience of the users and the perceivers. His role in WeBe apart from being a prudent designer is to cultivate creative well being in the firm.

Yogesh Chandrahasan



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Extended Team

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Design Entrepreneur specialized in the field of Computational Design, 3D Modelling and Advanced Manufacturing. Combining 12 years of experience in Designing & Product Development and 8 years in the field of 3D Printing, she is driven to empower the use of technology in creative industries. Kavitha loves to explore the intersection of Design, Technology and Manufacturing creating an innovative cross-disciplinary platform that embraces values of digital insertion and diversity. Computational Designer and design development professional with certification in Rhino3D and Grasshopper Modelling software and an M.Arch focused in Advanced Architectural Design from Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste (Städelschule) Frankfurt. Kavitha is an Ambassador at Womenin3DPrinting, a Global Network which promotes, supports and inspires Women into Additive Manufacturing.


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Elango Govindan is a Senior Urban Designer/ Planner, currently working with Sasaki in Boston. He has over 10 yrs of experience in Urban Revitalization, High density Urban Development, Mixed-use Urban districts and Innovation districts in USA, India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Belarus and Latin America. He graduated from Columbia University with a Masters in Urban Design and Architecture from School of Architecture and planning, Anna University, Chennai. Elango has a keen interest in data driven design, socio-economic development and Informality. Prior to Sasaki he was an Associate Architect at RMA Architects, Mumbai for three years where he led projects ranging from houses to cultural institutions in India.


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Sharan graduated from the School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University,Chennai in 2008 and went on to practice at NU.DE offices in Mumbai with Architect Nuru Karim. He pursued his Masters in Architecture and Urbanism, Design Research Laboratory at the Architectural Association, London. His Research at the AA, Dialectic Fields: focused on parametric semiology on a prototype university campus to rethink urban patterns as extremely differentiated and highly articulated fields of buildings creating communicative system in the domain of architecture that moves away from conventional architectural language, under the mentorship of Patrik Schumacher. Since 2012 he has been working with world renowned architect Zaha Hadid Architects on a number of several large scale projects which includes residential and mixed use Towers, Airports, Transportation Hub, Urban Master Plans, Stadiums, Space centre and museum.

Sharan Sundar

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Harish is an Industrial Designer by profession, with a Master’s Degree in Transportation and Automobile Design from NID. He has Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. His core areas of expertise are in providing technically innovative solutions and resolving the product with a good sense of aesthetics. Having specialized in automotive design and having worked in a leading product design studio, he possesses a very unique understanding of form, function and their interplay in designing a product. He specifically enjoys deducing a solution or pursuing a design idea through thorough research and informed application of manufacturing processes. To keep his imagination buzzing and unwind, he makes 3D concept art, which forecasts a future where humans and cyborgs co-exist.




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Prithvi Mahadevan is a young architect with an increasing love for ecology and the social aspects of the society. She is an urban enthusiast in heart and her interest lies in studying the layers and functions of the city with its parameters and constraints. She believes in sustainable urban development where ecology is given as much importance as the built of the city which is otherwise, in the current scenario. She believes in conscious living and practices a low waste lifestyle. ‍She has been involved in research and mapping of ecology of the city of Chennai, with special focus on the water resources. She is also actively involved in using the research projects as a container to conduct the Urban design Studios. She is a collaborative partner with WeBe design lab in creating URBAN GRAY MATTER, an urban think tank.

Prithvi Mahadevan

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