We are a Collective of Architects and Designers with a Multi-Disciplinary Approach.

WeBe Design Lab is a multidisciplinary collective, based from Chennai and Coimbatore with a diverse group of architects, designers and researchers co-existing and co-creating while sharing common values.We strive for possibilities and a belief in the greater good which invariably influences our projects and their outcomes. We believe in collective leadership and function as a unit that in still integrity and accountability in each of us.

WeBe was founded by 9 partners Karthikeyan, Mallisaravanan, Madhumitha, Padmakshi, Sangeetha Patrick, Sathish, Sudersan, Udhaya Rajan and Yogesh in 2010 February. A bunch of friends who wanted to come together to look at the small changes and triggers that they could create together.

Now, WeBe Design Lab creates a diverse, dynamic and a distinct work ecosystem as a part of the WeBe collective. Over the years we have gathered some essential and enriching bonds through this ecosystem that has created some exquisite experiences. We believe ingrowing with our team and each and every member is appreciated and acknowledged for our growth.
15 years of Expert Practice in Integrated Architecture and Design Service


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Madhumitha is an Architect and Lifestyle Accessory Designer with myriad interests, insight to identify opportunities and provide fresh solutions. She is a founding partner in the architecture firm WeBe Design Lab where she specialises in designing lifestyle systems in relation to space, accessories and objects. She believes in reconnecting to natural forms of living that has been lost over time to create simple and adaptable interventions that enable pleasurable coexistence possible. Through WeBe she wishes to revolutionize everyday life with innovations that bring intended change. She wishes to build a collective that is trustworthy, dependable where sharing, learning and seeking is key.


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Padmakshi Srivathsan is an architect and an enthusiastic entrepreneur paving pathways for the firm. At WeBe she wears various hats with focus on innovating and building a sustainable and future proof “glocal” organization. She believes in the holistic dynamics of a design firm and is excited about solving every problem both as an entrepreneur and as a designer. She is a proud mother, an avid reader and a passionate trained dancer.


Sathish Vasanth Kumar

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Yogesh Chandrahasan is an architect by profession, a landscape enthusiast at heart and an inherent prudent designer. He is a founding partner in the architecture firm WeBe Design Lab where he dedicates his time in architectural design, interior design, landscape design and product design. He likes to explore the human connection to spaces which in turn establishes the relationship between program, space, time and users. He envisions to create spaces that are empathetic, inclusive and communitarian enriching the experience of the users and the perceivers. His role in WeBe apart from being a prudent designer is to cultivate creative well being in the firm.

Yogesh Chandrahasan


Kannan | Project Architect

Project Architect

Lakshen | Architect

Swathy | Architect

Senthil | Project Engineer

Preeti | Architect

Dhushyanth | Architect

Abdul | Project Architect

Gowtham | Engineer

Sakthidasan | Architect

Shiny | Detail Drafter

Sheshank | Site Engineer

Harini | Architect

Preetha | Executive Admin

Lokesh | Site Engineer

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