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Design Concept

Concept Diagram - Living, Dining and Kitchen

B 106, Atlantic is a residential interior project located in Egmore, Chennai that focuses on creating a modern space by visually distinguishing the zoning. Though nestled in the heart of the city, the home seems to nestle away from the city rush.

To break the monotony, the charm of the house is reinforced with a varying yet balanced foreground and back ground that is complemented by Marble, Quartz, Wood and bright colors.Space inside a space, a take on creating a design language within the apartment where darker tones are used in the transition spaces, accentuating the function.

By introducing a contrast in the material application, visual distinction of the varied activities was achieved.The lighter tones open into the common spaces whereas the darker tones build into the private spaces; the background gets encompassed by the light and dark tones while the graphics and colours take in the foreground.  

The use of wood alongside integrating natural light develops into a warm yet open space; wherein colours are used to distinctively accentuate different accessories and elements. In common areas the ceiling is treated in lighter tones to make the space appear larger and the contrast is done to the private spaces to make the space feel cozy and warm.


B 106, Atlantic is a sequenced play of interiors that blends in with the existing features and the various functions of the residence.

Material Swatches

Proposed Plan


Site area
Gross built area
Carpet Area
800 Sq.Ft
Project Cost

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