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Design Concept

Concept Diagram

This subtly opulent apartment in Mylapore is where space and elegance flow seamlessly as one moves through it. The house is set in one of the premium neighborhoods of Chennai, Luz Mylapore. The previous set up in the house was themed around colonial inspired interiors rich in its colors and cluttered in its nature. Thus, the client brief was to imbue minimalism with clear open quality. The inception of the project started with understanding the nature of the client brief and their structure as a family in this particular house. The intent was to create a simple but effective space for the family.


Illustration showing the transformation of space

Isometric showing the spaces

The signature of the house is the large open living cum dining space that is defined by simple furniture with clean lines. The great hall is approximately 21 feet by 47 feet of uninterrupted space that becomes the heart of the house which was designed to transform into multifunctions when required. The nature of this space transforms in the presence of different kinds of people. The house is characterized by living spaces of different genres. The bedroom spaces were looked as independent and private living spaces catering to the likings of the occupant. The great hall illustrated a varied number of activities ranging from being a pass-through space to gathering space for family time and for hosting parties. The wooden ceiling in the middle of the room defines the transition space and was envisaged as a space for entertainment with a pool table.

The décor of the house is themed to be very at typical but accentuated with an intent to strike a balance between bare and functional design. The walls are intentionally left plain white, flooring is dark wood laminate and the interventions induced are through soft furnishings. The backdrop in every space is designed to be clean with neutral shades of greys, whites and wood with a hint of pastel shades. The space is decorated quite often only by artifacts that are tractable making the space versatile. The mood of each room is set by the nature of collectibles and artefacts adorned in the rooms.

The deck was strategically designed to capture the seasonal experience of the foliage from the outside. The large deck area that was achieved by realigning the walls such that it could overlook the outside. furniture.

As someone somewhere rightly said that‘ minimalism is an appreciation of space’, 3A is a project that defines this statement. It is the celebration of space with simplistic treatments accentuating only the necessary. It has a correct dose of wood, colour and attention making it a warm home and a place to celebrate.


Site area
Gross built area
Carpet Area
5500 Sq.Ft
Project Cost

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