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Design Concept

The installation is a metaphorical representation of WEBE Design Lab as an entity reflecting the thoughts of 8 different individuals together. The volumes, created as part of the whole to form a virtual cone, are accentuated with colored mirrors representing the individuals and their identity. The triangular void surface formed between these volumes acts like a kaleidoscope in reflecting the ideas and through process of the individuals and also its surrounding environment., creating a connect with the Observer.

Installation Image at Design X Design, 7th Annual Exhibition 2017

Images at the Design x Design 7th Annual Exhibition 2017

About the Event:

The exhibition component of Design x Design involves showcasing the work of Delhi based designers once a year to facilitate a reading of the emerging trends across various design based creative industries in the city. Is Indian Design recognizable? Is there a vision guiding it? Can tradition and modernity, continuity and change co-exist in it? Is it culturally relevant? Questions such as these are more alive today than ever before. One sure way of gaining an insight into this and more is by looking at the work of young upcoming designers. ‘Design x Design Exhibition: 20 under 35’ attempts to do just that by sharing the design philosophies, working methods and future aspirations of twenty shortlisted designers under the age of thirty-five.

Designers - 20 under 35

Picture captured at the Event


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