Pseudo Curves


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Design Concept

Exploration Sequence

The idea is an exploration of rigid lines coming together to create surfaces within another rigid and basic volume of the cube. The negotiation of space based on few parameters - Different edges connected by series of lines to give a range of form, enclosure, privacy, movement and activity is infinite. Based on what we want as a constant and what can be a variable it becomes an interesting model to test, experiment, experience and understand. An idea within this rigid yet simple framework ends up generating pseudo curved surfaces too. There can be more than one curved surface generated with space for easy crossover. Consequent space created carries a huge sense of curiosity as what we see from far is not what it actually is when we observe closely.

The Module

Space in relation to People and Activity

As a pavilion in the garden

Examples of few configurations of arrangement of modules

Few examples of iteration of surface generation


Site area
Gross built area
Carpet Area
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