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Design Concept


Built and Open Space - Isometric View

This extension house is situated in Thirupur in a L-shaped linear property adjacent to an already existing home. The space is a series of built and open spaces intertwined seamlessly giving the perfect blend of inside and outside as one moves through the connecting decks.  The extended space is essentially divided into three zones - the first as you enter is the entrance court leading to the living, dining and kitchen that classifies as the public space. The second zone overlooking the pool is the movie room,gym and sauna that is the semi public space. The third quarter in the far end of the property are the sleeping spaces that are completely private and secluded backed up by a landscaped court. The three separate built spaces are connected by landscaped decks. 

View from the Entrance

The entire part of the house gives a modern feel with strong vertical and horizontal lines coinciding in different planes.The modern feel is also contrasted and at the same time tied with earth tones with the use of exposed concrete, wood and brass detailing. The landscape is left rudimentary and organic giving it a look of natural growth. The swimming pool is the only area where the landscape is organised and designed giving it a neat finish. The interiors are contrasted with wood and athangudi tiles bringing in the traditional warm tones enhancing the cozy feel of the extended space. 

View of the Deck Space

The feeling of openness in private spaces is one of the key factors of this project. The house exudes luxury and apposes modernity and traditionality in subtle details throughout the house.

Floor Plan


Site area
12,500 Sq.Ft
Gross built area
9,000 Sq.Ft
Carpet Area
Project Cost
In Progress

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