About WeBe

WeBe Design Lab is a multidisciplinary architecture practice based from Chennai, Coimbatore and New Delhi. WeBe entails with it a diverse group of architects, designers and researchers providing a range of services from architecture, interior design detailing, landscape design and urban research.


The firm was established a decade ago by a vibrant team of eight partners coming from different walks of life having varying interests and strengths which often converges to form their design ideology. WeBe is dedicated to providing services based on the values of integrity, novelty and creating wishful experiences for their clients.

Our Approach

The firm is currently involved in the various range of projects from unit scale residential designs to large-scale urban-centric projects. WeBe has won a range of accolades as awards and publications for their neat, precise and contemporary outlook to design rooted completely in its context. As a firm they believe that their work is a ripple that continuously shifts and reorients, creating objective and subjective realities. WeBe emerges to generate methods, measures, and solutions for unit design and research in the urban scale collaborating with the civil society, thus opening the platform of architectural professionalism to the domain of socio-cultural relationships.