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The KIOSK design also fosters equity of space, legitimacy, character, diversity and interdependence in the city fabric.

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Design Concept

The KIOSK design is a consequence of the Street Vendors Act brought out in 2014 ensuring the right to livelihood to all the street vendors and giving them a space in the city. The main concept of this design delves into the right to livelihood with the legitimacy of space giving the vendors a tangible parameter to fight for. The need was to evolve a design that eases their daily mode of operation and the space they occupy while bringing order visually and functionally. The designs were needful of being seamless without being a hindrance to the pedestrians or the businesses around.

The design of the kiosk neatly compliments the inter-relationships of the existing city fabric and weaves in the legitimacy of space for the vendors in the side of the streets. The design is inspired from their already existing workable models of the vending space or vending cart in an attempt to retain the identity intact adding a unique sense of place and character to the city fabric.

The KIOSK designs were formulated as a prototype in two busy commercial neighborhoods of the city – Pondy Bazaar Road, T.Nagar and NSC Bose Road, Parry’s and a contextual response to the vendors of Marina beachfront. The design speaks of an inclusive city space offering the right to life to the street vendors. Inside the busy commercial districts of the city – PONDY BAZAAR ROAD in T.Nagar and NSC BOSE ROAD in Parry's, the design takes shape as a modular unit with ample storage for the vendors to use.


The concept of a beach vending kiosk is derived from the cycle cart to the vending box structure already available in the site. The idea retains the functional structure of the kiosk but formalizing and playing with the visuals voids that form because of the structure. The main aim is to formalize the vending kiosk to give a uniformity and order. The kiosks here are designed in two ways accommodating the different business models available here. One modular unit is constructed with a precast concrete cuboid like a stall and the other uses the concept of a vending cart as the module.


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