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Design Concept

To create something new is hard while recreating something old is harder. Founded in the 1930s and established as a brand in the late 90s, Sundari Silks Chennai has modernized over the years while still being rooted in traditions. Right from the sarees to the displays, the showroom and its finishes, from customer reception to service, jasmine smells and tinkling bells – every aspect of the entire brand weaves together like one of the exquisite sarees they sell.

To recreate this magic and trim it to fitits new home (a mall space in Mumbai) was the design challenge.

The approach adopted was to design a space that only spoke of the strong brand. A sensorial palette of materials and finishes that engaged all five senses was derived from the existing showroom in Chennai. The interiors were to play a fitting backdrop to the sarees and the whole brand. In this subtle approach, lies the design’s success.


Site area
Gross built area
Carpet Area
1300 Sq.Ft
Project Cost

Team and Collaborators

Design Team                 Malli Saravanan  


                                       Vijay Prakash      


Text Credit                     Harini

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