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Design Concept

Located within One Indiabulls Park complex in Ambattur, was the office of an international animal feeds company. The strongest feature of the office space was the 17ft long glass façade to the north that threw it open to light and foliage along its entire length. This refreshing quality characterized the space & set a tone to the interior design that was to unfold.

To maximize natural light inside, an open layout was perceived. Enclosed rooms were planned along the inner length with clerestory louvers that allow light past the partitions. Formal & casual spaces were arranged alternately giving a layout that blurred the lines between the two. Entering from the south, one would cross the reception & step down into the office space. The level difference was adapted into a stepped OAT where informal discussions, party and play could be held. This architectural transition is used to depict a cultural one – transcending from a traditional office to one which allows a casual culture truly making the office, another home.

The northern light illuminating the 15fttall office rendered a reviving quality. Keeping this alive became the main driving force of the design. An open layout allowed for complete use of natural light and reduced the dependency on artificial lighting. Various activities and their spaces  were “defined” in different ways. When defined with walls, they became rooms such as the conferences &training rooms arranged along the inner length.

Zoning Diagram

Volumes were also defined using just colours and edges, such as the breakout area sandwiched between the work spaces. This bodiless definition of space was done to allow a healthy mix of formal& informal while the energizing light flowed freely.

The minimal partitioning used was composed of cement, colour & glass. The palette was carefully chosen to complement the existing dazzle within. Exposed concrete was contrasted by a few simple colours and trimmed with shiny black metal finishing. Occasional wood finish lent a certain warmth.

The project, though unbuilt, took a departing stance from the conventional office design.  Material, colour, accessories, and their application were all done with the aim to boost the freshness that the space already held.

Zoning Diagram

Isometric View of the Proposed Design


Site area
Gross built area
Carpet Area
3230 Sq.Ft
Project Cost

Team and Collaborators

Design Team                 Malli Saravanan  


                                       Vijay Prakash

                                       Akash Raj


Text Credit                     Harini

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