House of Connect


“An image of serenity – Fluid space, activity & vision contained by a strong yet porous form; these paradoxes marry each other/blend to create a structure serene, a reflection of its suburban context.”

Design Concept

Section Through Common Space and the Court

Set in a north-facing site sized ----- in the Porur suburbs, the brief was to design a house with good lighting & ventilation for a 4-member family over an occupied ground floor. Contextually important is a perennial tree at the entrance.

The design process flowed two-way – proportions & visual connectivity. LeCorbusier’s Modular Man inspired the first while the latter enhanced the“experience” of the structure –nuances that create memories, making a building truly immortal.

 The aim was to create cozy familial spaces connected visually. Modular proportions guided this process, giving a framework within which form flourished. The Modular Man is an anthropometric scale of proportions represented graphically as a man with one arm raised - devised by architect Le Corbusier to bring the omnipotent 1: 1.6 ratio into architecture. The final structure was a reaction to the conscious application of the modular proportions, in the volumes,heights, size & shape of openings, facade treatment, spatial configuration

 Staggered floor plans punctured by vertical volumes; floor-length windows render internal& external visual connection. The courtyard and open corridors dissipate the western sun, cooling the incoming breeze.

 Material used denotes timelessness; warm tones of brick, stone & wood contrast with the cool grey of cement and concrete finish. The building sits as a reflection of its suburban context; dense but breezy, strong yet serene

North Elevation

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