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Art of sound - A Tranquil Experience 

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Design Concept

Located in the bustling city of Chennai, Decibel, the art of sound is an adaptive reuse project that creates a dynamic canvas for the display and experience of sound systems. 

This commercial interior project is treated in a way that reflects and presents a familiar warm connect, due to the usage and context.  

Adapting an analogous approach of the old with the new, in both the interior palette and landscape reflects durability and timelessness. The user experience is further accentuated by the solid wood in the interiors, the prolific greenery and grills that break down the stark evening sun. 


The primary function is to create a space that allows one to be enthralled by audio and video. Abstracted designs of decibel sounds converted into contemporary geometric patterns is the core design Vocabulary which further accentuates this user experience. The geometry is subtly  adapted throughout the space right from the landscape elements, designed wooden panels, perforated grills ,storage, cement tile flooring to the wooden roofs and gracefully transcends into product designing.


The sit out space exuberates energy in all seasons, be it the dark shadows it receives on harsh summer days, the soaked aromas it senses during the monsoon or the gentle warmth of the winter sun. This augments into the lobby space that is treated with subtle grey tiling and perforated openings. The existing structure is differentiated by the colour tones used while the designed patterns starkly grow into the interiors.  

The transition of the interiors is complemented by varied treatments of wood supported by cove and task lighting that engulfs one into a state far from the hustle and bustle. 



Site area
6,000 sqft
Gross built area
4,500 sqft
Carpet Area
Project Cost

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