WeBe Design Labs is a Design driven Architecture and
Design Collective based in Chennai, Mumbai and Coimbatore.

Design Approach

We as a team believe design is not just for solution. Being in a place where perspective towards design itself has to be questioned it is important that somewhere there has to be a starting point where we realize design starts from the way we think. Our thinking is a process and looking deeper into it will help us see the unseen. Simple beautiful things. For all those would be the things that would eventually matter the most.


The “SOAPBOX” is a platform for an impromptu sharing of knowledge, application and communication through art, craft, culture and all vivacious meetups.

While WEBE, through their work is strengthening co-creation, co-existence with design, The SOAPBOX will be an endeavor to encourage other creators and enthusiasts ‘to share’, ‘to collaborate’, ’to refine’, ‘to infuse’ new ideas and design thinking at our own abode.

The SOAPBOX provides a versatile platform with the interior and exterior space customized for the demonstration of an innate display of events. Tailor fit for every setting !

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From our clients and collaborators

Dr.Jayashree , Care Earth Trust.

"Care Earth Trust has collaborated on twointernational assignments with WeBe, as we share common values of beingcommitted to blue green urban spaces.   Our experience has been of mutual enrichment as they are a committed,trustworthy and reliable group of young architects and designers. The team iscreative, and capable of original and contextual designs in accordance with themandate.    The much celebrated WaterMatters Exhibition is an example of this. The team is sensitive to theenvironmental conservation and their designs embody that. They are veryresourceful and gave a great output with limited resources.  We were truly surprised by the final outcome.WeBe are a fun and reliable team to work with and they show great zeal inbringing their designs to reality with precision “.

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Dr.Jayashree , Care Earth Trust.

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