The word BE is interpreted as 'breathe'; 'live'; 'continue' Breathe It is an integral part of life and the process of living. Breathing helps one live and hence continue. It also infuses life into an otherwise dull existence. They say breathing helps relax and think clear. Breathing also helps enjoy what one does. We enjoy what we do.... We Breathe... WeBE.

Live to be present, is to exist: to live, is a lot more; to be vibrant, to infuse that vibe, the life into the surrounding atmosphere. We live: we, in our own way try to infuse the world with vibrancy through our endeavors. We Live...WEBE

Continuity is the essence of everything in life. There's no such thing as an absolute end. Everything is one endless cycle without a start or an end; following up on this, any start we make is going to affect our immediate surroundings in its own way and that in turn cycles back to affect or effect us. This continuous cycle is what we intend to represent. We Continue.. WEBE

We intend to breathe; to live; and to continue.., the three integral aspects as we see it.

WEBE - Chennai
No.8/3B, 5th Street,
Nandanam Extension, Chennai- 600 035.
Telephone: +91 44 2434 1833

WEBE - Coimbatore
No.41 A&B, Room No:16,
Rajpriya G avenue, Avinashi Road,
Sitra, Coimbatore- 641014
Telephone: +91 422 435 9029
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